3 Tips for Avoiding After-Abortion Guilt

Despite Pro-Choice advocates’ insistence that a fetus is distinctly different from a baby, many women who have had abortions feel depressed or guilty after they have had this simple medical procedure. The fact that similar stories fail to accompany removal of organs such as gall bladders or appendices seems to be a moot point. If […]

The Truth About Abortionists

Exercising their “Right to Choose,” many young women have fallen prey to less-than-health-promoting medical care when they go in for abortions. Many such women are already victims, sometimes of dysfunctional homes or statutory rape or even molestation. They often lack the kind of physical, emotional, and financial maturity and stability that would enable them to […]

You Have a Choice — What Does That Mean?

Despite the repeated and intense efforts of right-wing religious zealots who call themselves “Pro-Life,” you do have a choice. If you find yourself burdened with an unwanted pregnancy, you may feel as if you have no choice except to end, abort, or terminate the pregnancy you never asked for, in the first place. It’s a […]