Pregnancy Services in Martinsburg, West Virginia

My Father’s House Prenatal and Resource Center and Maternity Home, located in Martinsburg, West Virginia, seeks to provide competent and caring service to as many young women who may have distressful pregnancies, especially those considering abortion due to lack of information or support. We want to help meet the on-going medical, spiritual and emotional needs […]

E-Giving Helps More Babies Get Their First Picture

E-Giving Systems has collaborated with many pregnancy centers to help them get the funding they need. This crucial funding goes towards crucial medical supplies for pregnant women in crisis. Whether a woman has decided to keep her baby to full term or not, more pregnancy centers are struggling to offer her the option of an […]

Pregnancy: An Incentive to Overcome a Woman’s Drug Addiction

Just before closing one night, a young woman came to Women’s Center- East Dayton looking disheveled and overwhelmed; we will call her Jenny. Jenny is in her 30s, divorced, lives with roommates and is involved in a long-term relationship. After making an appointment online, Jenny came to our office requesting a pregnancy test and information […]

Free Pregnancy Ultrasounds in East Dayton, OH

Patreece* was very frightened when she came to Women’s Center-East. She had just taken a pregnancy test at home and it was positive. She wasn’t completely healed from the birth of her daughter several months earlier. It had been a difficult birth and the doctor had told her to wait 3 years before getting pregnant […]

Pregnancy Services in Dayton, Ohio

Concerned you may be pregnant? Not sure what you plan to do? The Women’s Center – Dayton can help assist you with your unplanned pregnancy. We can provide you with a medical quality pregnancy test, and limited ultrasound scan. All of our services are offered without charging you anything. If you are unsure what you […]

Sumter, SC Abortion Clinic Alternatives

Light of Hope Pregnancy Center has been serving women in Sumter, South Carolina, and in Lee, Clarendon and Sumter counties for over 15 years. More than 6,000 women have trusted us with their concerns and questions about their sexual health and pregnancy. Women’s sexual health is important to us at Light of Hope Pregnancy Center. […]

Help After An Abortion – East Bay, California

“I witnessed not only my own transformation but had the true joy of watching others change, grow and develop before my eyes. I watched cries of pain turn to tears of joy and stoic stares turn to tender, warm eyes, releasing years of denial. What a ministry! What a blessing!” This was just one comment […]