What do Pre-Born Babies Do?

It’s exciting the first time a woman feels her pre-born baby “kick”. But what else does a pre-born baby do all day and all night? He or she does many amazing and very human things. Ultrasound has given us a peek into what these tiny humans do before they are born. A pre-born baby: • […]

Are you too healthy to conceive?

When a couple is struggling with conception issues, both partners need to do a thorough examination of their lifestyles. Things like smoking, diet and alcohol consumption can affect the fertility of both men and women and improving these issues can make a big difference when it comes to starting a family. But what if you’re […]

A Fitness Guide for the Expecting Beginner

Many personal trainers and fitness experts recommend taking at least a full year to prepare your body for the considerable physical stresses of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman’s body goes through miraculous transformations almost daily as her baby forms and prepares to enter the world. These fitness gurus stress that a daily exercise program and […]

Week 1 of Pregnancy

Baby’s Development– Many women have a difficult time determining how far along they are as their pregnancy progresses. Are they in the fourth week? Almost fifteen weeks? The number of pregnancy calculators available online are testament to how common this question is. Women everywhere seem to be confused when it comes to gestational age, and with […]

Finances, Practicality & Emotions–Baby’s Coming!

The vast majority of preparing for a baby is great fun. The minute you hit one of those Baby-on-the-Way websites, you’re bombarded by pictures of adorable blue-eyed, peach-fuzzed infants and brown-eyed, black-mopped newborns. As soon as your hormones are on the fast track to “What-do-I-need-to-buy?” your computer screen is covered with pictures of furry teddy bears, […]

Baby On the Way

Our first (and only, at this point) child was born in a birthing center. As soon as we knew there was a baby coming, we started looking for alternatives to a hospital, for a number of reasons, none of which were that we are anti-modern-medicine. Being firm in our belief that many “everyday” tests associated […]

Stages of Pregnancy

Unless you’re a whole lot more laid back than the average pregnant woman, as soon as you know there’s a baby growing inside of you, you start to wonder what’s going on. “You’re pregnant” just doesn’t cut it, when you’re the one with the little life inside of you. Now is the time when you […]

Losing a Loved One, No Matter How Little

For someone who has never felt that little flutter of movement or a full-blown kick in the ribs (from within the ribs, that is), it must be hard to imagine how a baby lost before he or she was even born can be missed so very much. The loss of a baby, at any stage […]