Pregnant but Took Occasional Drugs During Pregnancy

I am currently 3 almost 4 weeks pregnant and partook in 3 substances I should not have before knowing I was pregnant… Ecstasy (or MDMA), alcohol, and marijuana. I consumed these substances on approximately the 17th day after conception.

Best Time for Trying to Get Pregnant

A recent visitor to writes: “The first of my period was on the 2 April 2008 and my cycle is 24 days. i had sex today on the 21 April 2008 and would like to know whats my chances of getting pregnant and when was the best time for trying a baby.  Mari.” Thanks […]

Could You Be Carrying Twins?

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of having twins and have had the perfect complementary names picked out since your baby-doll-carrying days. Maybe, on the other hand, the thought of seeing double makes you a little woozy. Your chances of carrying multiples will vary based on your age, race, and family history. Regardless of the odds, it’s always […]

Are You Ready To Be a Mom?

When people ask you if you’re ready for the baby to come, you may immediately blurt out, ”Yes!” as you hold your back that constantly aches or look down at unsightly stretch marks. Or maybe you’d say, “no,” your thoughts running to details such as unfinished nursery décor, an unorganized dresser full of tiny clothes, […]

How can I tell my Parents I’m Pregnant?

When you’re young and find out you are pregnant unexpectedly, you step into a role that carries adult responsibilities. Another human being is depending on you for his/her life. You are not sure you’re ready to be a parent, and you know your parents will be disappointed in you. They may be angry and upset. […]

Your Baby’s Last Three Months of Pre-Birth Development

You’re finally there: the long-awaited last trimester of your pregnancy! Your baby is already viable, meaning that he or she has a good chance of surviving outside the womb, at any point now; however, the chances of survival and good health increase with each week. While you’re probably getting pretty anxious to meet your baby […]

Your Baby’s Next Three Months of Development

Even though your baby’s vital organs have all been formed, there’s still a lot of development and growth yet to take place. The second trimester of pregnancy, weeks 13 through 27, is an exciting time for you and your baby! Getting Bigger During your second trimester, your baby will triple in size. (Hopefully, your waistline […]

Your Baby’s First Three Months of Development

Your three trimesters of pregnancy are an exciting time for both you and your baby! From the first few weeks after conception, as you feel the first signs of the new life forming within your body, your baby is developing in amazing ways. Beginning the Count As odd as it seems, the generally accepted norm […]