Heartburn During Pregnancy–Life Goes On

For me, the heartburn didn’t begin until Week 36, but that week seemed to make up for all those before. Once we got to Week 37, it lightened up, for the most part, and then I had only minor bouts, here and there, throughout the last four weeks. Thankfully, our midwife recommended papaya enzyme, early […]

22 Hours of Back Labor…No Drugs

It really is possible to survive a full-length labor without drugs, even when there is pain involved. To my husband and me, the benefits were worth it, especially in retrospect. From the time we knew we were expecting, we also knew that we didn’t want to have our baby born in a hospital. Of all […]

It Really Is Different When It’s Your Own

I’ve always enjoyed children, but babies? Not so much. After all, all they do is eat, sleep, and dirty diapers, right? Even though I’ve never been a “baby person,” when I had my own, I learned that it really was different. Yes, the diapers are still stinky, and sleep deprivation takes its toll, but there’s […]

Can Shopping for Nursery Furniture Predict Your Parenting Style?

Our shopping trip for nursery furniture was like a dream come true. I felt like I was looking on as some storybook tale unfolded before my eyes: The happy couple walked through the store, hand-in-hand, her cute pink top with a bow tied just above her swollen belly. Unlike so many such stories I’d glimpsed […]

Three of the Less-Talked About Changes Experienced During Pregnancy

I became unexpectedly pregnant one month before I turned 23 years old. I had never really thought about being pregnant before, so when my body started changing, I went through a roller coaster of emotions, which contained mostly tears of fright!

Pregnancy: What (Not) to Expect

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, your pregnancy is unique. Not only is your own body one-of-a-kind, but so is your baby’s. While you can compare notes with other moms and moms-to-be, and even with your own previous pregnancies (if you’ve had any), none of these other experiences will precisely clue you […]

How a Pregnancy Can Carry You Through Difficult Times

Nothing symbolizes hope like pregnancy and babies. They can give us a fresh perspective, something to anticipate, and even the motivation we need to live our lives the way we already know we should. Personally, I wish my life already had all of that and I could bring my babies into a perfect world—or at […]

Waiting for (and Past!) Your Due Date

In the 7 or 8 months most women know they’re expecting a child, they have a target date in view: their due date. If the first and second trimesters seem to go at a turtle’s pace, the last one slows to that of a snail. For me, the long-awaited flip of the calendar to the […]