Can I Continue Breastfeeding While Pregnant?

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to stop breastfeeding your child. Many years ago, doctors believed that breastfeeding while you were pregnant actually took away nutrients from the baby inside you; however, research today has shown that that is not the case. Even today, though, we have people that still believe this, and they […]

Everyone Wants to Touch My Pregnant Belly

Everyone wants to touch the baby, especially during the pregnancy, but doesn’t it seem like nobody asks before touching? If you haven’t noticed yet, the minute you start to show a pregnant tummy, everyone else will gladly reach out their hands to show you how big your belly is. The tummy becomes this magical, super […]

Public and Private Pregnancy Perspectives

Did you know that there was a day when saying the word “pregnant” in public was taboo? For a woman who was obviously “with child” (the preferred lingo of the day), to be seen out and about was equally unacceptable. Aren’t you glad times have changed? Of course, the innovation of e-mail and now Facebook […]

Some Things to Know About Your Due Date and After

I remember more clearly than any other time in my pregnancy what happened from the count down to my due date to just before I gave birth. The rest is kind of a blur, but that time period was the most critical, as well as the most unexpected. As with any pregnant woman, I expected […]

3 Tips for Packing “The Bag”

Okay, so I got a little OCD about packing “the bag.” In my quest to create the perfect hospital bag, I did not skimp on the contents of it. I located several what-to-pack-in-your-hospital-bag lists online and in magazines, compared them to one another, asked family and friends for advice on what to make sure not […]

Eating for Two during Pregnancy

Have you ever heard someone say, “Finally, I can eat as much as I want since I am eating for two!” This statement is definitely not true. A pregnant woman actually needs no more than an additional 300 calories per day. Even more important is the value of calories consumed. Eating lots of empty calories […]

The Budget-Savvy Mom’s Guide to Maternity Clothes

Have you started looking at maternity clothes yet? If so, your reaction might be something like, ”You’ve got to be kidding!” When I was first starting to find my pre-preggo clothes just a tad uncomfortable, I was absolutely shocked to find out how few stores in my area even had a maternity section, and when […]

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness can be described as an “annoying byproduct of a healthy pregnancy, as pregnant women and their embryos carry out a tug of war over the body’s resources.” While the so-called “morning sickness” can actually occur any time of day (or night), this pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting is most common during the first trimester […]