What to Expect–Baby’s Months Three-Six

Once your baby hits the 3 month mark, he will likely exhibit the first step toward movement – rolling over. All that tummy time he’s been having has helped strengthen his muscles enough that he is now able to push up and roll over. Not all babies will roll over of course by 3 months, […]

What to Expect from Your Baby–9-12 Months

Last year around this time, you had a beautiful pregnant belly, and were awaiting your baby’s arrival. Now, you are playing with him, enjoying his first foods, maybe even his first step! As your baby grows, so does his ability to remember. He may surprise you and remember a gesture he saw a few days […]

What to Expect–Your Baby’s First Three Months

As you get into the groove of being a mamma, your baby, too, gets used to his new life and becomes more and more comfortable in his new surroundings. After the first few weeks, he will begin to look into your eyes and hold your gaze, whereas before, he would look toward your eyebrow or chin. […]

What to Expect from Your Baby–6-9 months

These months fly by so quickly! Already over half of a year has gone by since your baby was born. And what a difference 6 months makes! She has progressed from a tiny infant to a baby that can hold herself up and can express herself with laughter, noises and many different cries. During these […]

What to Expect–You and Your Brand New Baby

Your baby is finally here! Can you believe it? It is simply amazing that this is the little being who has been growing inside of you these last nine months. During these first weeks, lots of close, quiet cuddle time will help you get to know each other. While the two of you have been very close […]