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“I witnessed not only my own transformation but had the true joy of watching others change, grow and develop before my eyes. I watched cries of pain turn to tears of joy and stoic stares turn to tender, warm eyes, releasing years of denial. What a ministry! What a blessing!”

This was just one comment made by a participant who went through an abortion recovery weekend retreat. It is interesting to note, that not only do the leaders see a huge transformation in the faces of these women when they have completed the healing process, but the fellow participants see it in their peers countenance as well.

The pro-abortion side would have us believe that women who choose abortion do not suffer any ill effects. They are quick to deny that there is such a thing as post-abortion stress. They are quick to deny that abortion causes any lasting emotional consequences. Why? Because then they would have to admit that abortion is not necessarily a good thing for a woman. And for an industry that makes millions of dollars from other women’s choices, this would be a devastating admission.

I have worked with enough women who have experienced the emotional pain of an abortion to know that abortion does have a lasting affect on women. Women are by nature, nurturers. To choose abortion, for whatever reason, goes against a woman’s nature. No matter what her value system, she is created to carry a life and nurture it, not choose to end that life. When she chooses abortion, she is then left to deal with the grief, shame and condemnation that so often occur. Many women will carry this “secret” for most of their lives until they can no longer cope. That is when they seek help through an abortion recovery group, because nothing else seems to be working.

The women I have worked with some from different backgrounds and different lives. Yet their burden is the same. Each story is unique; each woman is special. The pain and tears are always real.

Because of the shame involved, a woman will not speak of her abortion until she is ready to seek help. No wonder the burden has become unbearable. No wonder, her life seems to not be working. Post-abortion stress has many symptoms some of which are: a more promiscuous lifestyle, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual dysfunction in a marital relationship, depression, anxiety, and many more. These symptoms are very common and always talked about, yet never connected to a previous abortion(s).

If you or someone you know is suffering from the pain of a past abortion, there is hope, there is help. Don’t waste any more years of your life hiding in the shame of a choice you made. Are you ready to not only know you are forgiven, but to feel forgiven and be set free? Please contact Options for Women of California at (925) 827-0100, 5167 Clayton Rd, Suite H, Concord, CA 9452.

Options for Women of California serves women by providing abortion clinic alternatives in Concord, California and surrounding regions.  Options for Women provides pregnancy help services including pregnancy testing, options counseling and first trimester ultrasound.  Regions we serve include Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Oakley and Antioch in the East Bay region of California.


  1. Hello,
    I am a volunteer at Options for Women of California, and I am so glad to see that we are on your site! I’m not sure exactly when this article was written, but we have moved since then. We are now located at 5167 Clayton Rd, Suite H, Concord, CA 9452. Our phone number is (925) 827-0100. If you have any questions, please email me. If you would like to verify this information, please check out our website:
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Danae, for the updated contact info! We’ve updated the address, website and phone number listed in the blog post.

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