Help Facing Tough Choices about Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. You have many unanswered questions. How far along am I? Who is likely the father of the baby? What are my pregnancy options? What financial support is available to me if I parent my child? Your emotions can be a roller coaster of fear, confusion, and/or possibly anger. You may feel pressure from the father of the baby, your parents and friends to have an abortion along with intense pressure to make a quick decision. Your world is crashing down around you. The Women Center-Sidney is here to serve women like YOU! We are committed to providing all women free and confidential services such as urine pregnancy testing, Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound, and the accurate information you need to make the best decision for your individual situation.

Whether you have questions about abortion, single parenting or adoption, you will be treated with respect and compassion as your personal consultant guides you through your pregnancy options. Our staff members are here to provide every woman with a positive urine pregnancy test, as well as a free Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound to determine how far along you are and if your pregnancy is viable. All ultrasound scans are then read by radiologists licensed in the state of Ohio. We recommend determining whether your pregnancy is viable especially if you are considering abortion as one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. (Viability refers to whether the pregnancy is progressing within the uterus and the fetus has a heartbeat.) If you do not have a viable pregnancy then you would not need an abortion.

Your personal consultant is here to answer all of your questions about abortion procedures, risks, complications and address other questions or concerns you may have. She will take the time necessary for you to understand your options and our services.

Don’t go through this crisis alone! To schedule a free and confidential initial appointment over the phone or to learn more about the services we provide, call the Women’s Center-Sidney office at 937-498-4425 or for on line scheduling go to, going to the Sidney location page, and then clicking on the “Book Now” button. We can be reached by email at Walk in appointments are welcome with prompt service a priority. Our office has moved to 2579 Michigan Avenue (also called State Route 47) right behind the Culver’s Restaurant and just down the street from Sidney Wal-Mart. Our office is just off I-75 located at Exit 92 in Sidney Ohio and easy to get to. We are waiting to serve YOU!


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