Kettering, Ohio Pregnancy Help

chatting with friendWhere can you go to find out for sure if you’re pregnant? My friend recommended Women’s Center-Kettering (Ohio) and I’m so glad she did. I didn’t know there was such a place that would listen to me and my issues and not judge me. I couldn’t believe they did not push me into a decision or try to tell me what to do. As a matter of fact, the nurse that talked to me did more listening than talking. I felt so respected and understood. I think it’s great that people like to help other people who may be facing the same problems they faced when they were younger. It’s a really cool way to give back. If anyone needs pregnancy help near Dayton, Ohio, I would suggest Women’s Center-Kettering.

When my pregnancy test came back positive, it took a little while for the news to sink in and the nurse was so patient. How could I be pregnant? I told her that I had my whole life ahead of me and that I was not that serious with the man involved. Right away I knew that abortion was what I would choose. But then I wasn’t so sure. The nurse offered to check via ultrasound if my pregnancy was “viable” meaning if it would continue or not, if left alone. She found the little “sack” where the baby should have been, but there was no heartbeat. All of the sudden, I felt so sad to know that on the same day I found out for sure that I was pregnant, the baby would not survive.

I really can’t express the emotions that I felt. First I was upset that I was pregnant, and then I was sad that I was not. Through my emotional roller-coaster, the Nurse-Consultant at the Women’s Center-Kettering was so kind. She explained that one out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage. She told me that many women schedule an abortion before they find out if the pregnancy will even continue on it’s own or not. She told me about the different methods of abortion. She explained how my cycle works and how a pregnancy occurs. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t know you could only get pregnant a few fertile days of the month. The way she talked about what a precious gift fertility is and how many women would give anything to be fertile and achieve pregnancy, it really made me think about things in a way I have never even considered.

She let me talk about my feelings and hopes and dreams and I got a new appreciation about being a woman. I’ve always dreaded pregnancy like it’s a disease or something. Now I think I’d like to save sex for a man who I’d like to raise a child with. I don’t know where the relationship with the man I’m dating now will lead, but one thing’s for sure; I’m not going to be having sex with him again unless we’re ready to have a child together (like after we’re married). At the Women’s Center-Kettering, they treated me with such respect as a woman, that I want to treat myself more respectfully from now on. My fertility is an awesome gift—I can’t wait to share it with my husband someday down the road.

For more information or to find out if you’re really pregnant, go to the Women’s Center-Kettering’s website at: or call 937-643-4673. Tell them Jennell sent you.

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