Morning Sickness–Suggestions to Ease Your Symptoms

Unfortunately, during their first trimester of pregnancy, the majority of newly pregnant women will experience some form of nausea and/or vomiting, otherwise known as the dreaded Morning Sickness!

For some, it is an all-day type of sickness, and for others it is an all-pregnancy thing, while some lucky ladies never feel even a hint of nausea. For most, however, morning sickness will hit around the time you find out you are pregnant and will last until the beginning of your second trimester. It isn’t that long, in the “grand scheme of things,” but for those 6-8 weeks or so…Blech! Here are some suggestions to help ease your symptoms and to help you get down and keep down all that nourishment you need, to grow this wonderful baby!

One of the most helpful things to stave off the nausea is to try to not allow your stomach to ever get completely empty or your blood sugar to drop too low. How, you might ask, can I do that when I don’t feel like eating? Many women have found success eating small snacks throughout the day. A high-protein snack such as a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts is great, but if crackers are all you can manage, then that’s fine. Just try to eat fairly frequently throughout the day. You may also want to try to eat a bit of something before getting out of bed in the morning, as well as right before going to bed. If you wake in the middle of the night, and can handle it, you might try a snack then, too.

Ginger is a wonderful stomach-soothing and anti-nausea herb safe for pregnancy. You can find ginger in a few different forms. If you’re going for ginger ale, make sure that the brew is made with real ginger–most major brands are not. Ginger tea is an option, as well as ginger candy.  As with any herbal treatment though, don’t overdo it, and be sure to talk with your care provider first.

You may want to avoid cooking for a bit if you can–sometimes, the smells of the ingredients cooking can turn your stomach more than the food itself–or you can also try eating food that is at room temperature, which gives off less smell than cooking food. Also, make sure you are getting enough fluids, but don’t drink too much too quickly.

Many women have found help in treating morning sickness with Vitamin B6. While researchers can’t find out exactly why B6 works, it does! It is interesting to note that no deficiencies of B6 in the mother are usually found, but taking the vitamin anyway has been shown to be safe and helpful. Check with your care provider for correct dosage instructions.

If all else fails, know that you will feel better soon, definitely by the time your baby is born! In the end, every trip to the bathroom, every nauseous moment is worth it when you hold your beautiful baby in your arms.

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