Pregnant but Took Occasional Drugs During Pregnancy

romantic teen coupleI am currently 3 almost 4 weeks pregnant and partook in 3 substances I should not have before knowing I was pregnant… Ecstasy (or MDMA), alcohol, and marijuana. I consumed these substances on approximately the 17th day after conception.

Please note that I am a 29 year old Caucasian in good health. I am not a habitual user of any of these substance or any others for that matter. This “episode” was a one time event. Prior to this I had used marijuana once within the past 6 months, used Ecstasy approximately 8 years ago, and have probably 2 drinks a week.

This was a very unfortunate moment in time I wish I could remove from my past. I have emailed several PHD’s who research Developmental Toxicology in hopes to hear from them what kind of damage I’ve caused my baby, if any.

My husband and I are at a loss of what to do. We are not sure if it is safe to keep the child or if it is best to terminate the p! regnancy. I’ve seen my OBGYN and she confirmed the pregnancy, but did not have much advice on the effects of these substance on the fetus.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience and kept the baby? Does he/she have any physical or mental issues? I’ve been searching and searching for any information on the matter, but all the studies out there pertain to repeat offenders, not someone who used these substances once. Advice? …Help?

Ms FreakedOut (29)

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