The Pros and Cons of Marriage because of a Baby

teen couple in loveHave you recently found out that you are pregnant, and are deciding with your boyfriend as to whether or not to get married to make a family life for when the baby arrives? Separated below are the pros and cons of doing so, and hopefully they will point you and your boyfriend into the direction of whether or not it’s right or wrong for your situation.

Teen Marriage Pros

Of course, I am going to start with the pros here. You should feel proud that you have a boyfriend who is willing to do anything for you and for his infant. This already shows that he is mature enough to handle his responsibilities, that obviously he will be staying to take care of his child and tend for you, and clearly he wants to make this relationship work. Of course, marriage provides great benefits for your child, by creating a healthy dynamic in the household for when your child arrives home. Along with a healthy dynamic comes better financial stability; that is, if your boyfriend is working full time. By having a hubby as a worker, you may be able to receive health insurance through his employer. Always remember, never get married for the money. Trust me, it never works.

romantic teen coupleIt’s always important to consider how long you two have been dating as well. What has the dynamic been like within your relationship? Does your boyfriend listen to you, treat you with respect, do whatever he can to make you happy and show you that he cares? Do you do the same for him? Some teens say that their marriage made the relationship stronger; however, these teens also frequently say that their relationship was great from the beginning.

Teen Marriage Cons

I’m not going to tell you that teen marriages don’t work. In most cases, however, it’s true that they don’t. Many teen couples get married due military service or because they are going to have a child. I can’t stress this enough; never get married simply because you are going to have a child. If you and your boyfriend have been arguing, if he has been treating you badly or vice versa, how do you think a marriage is going to improve the dynamic? If anything, it is going to force the child to grow up in an unstable living environment, and nobody wants that. Teen marriages take an extreme amount of ongoing work in order for them to be successful.

pregnant teen coupleI know this is a difficult decision for you to make; however, by weighing out your options, you will have a better understanding in what you should do. I’m sure you know within your heart the best decision to make, and by following your gut, you will surely have a better future for your baby, future relationships, and yourself. For more information on teen pregnancy, and to talk to professionals who care, if you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area, be sure to visit Women’s Center Ohio. Always remember, you are not alone, nor will you ever be.

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